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Product Discovery Course

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Product Discovery Course

$99 $74.25
Product Mindset
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We created this course to help provide you with all of the information you'll need to get a firm grasp on Product Discovery and establish your foundation to best position yourself for continuous discovery, and tactical tips and frameworks for dominating problem-solving

This Product discovery course consists of 7 separate sections with 32+ separate chapters( and more to come) covering topics like:

Part 1: Fundamentals to Product Management

  • Evolution of Product management
  • Role of a Product Manager
  • Principles of Product thinking
  • Product Vision to Execution

Part 2: Product Discovery Framework

  • What is Product Discovery
  • Product Discovery Framework
  • Stages of Product Discovery

Part 3: Problem Scoping

  • The Problem first in practice
  • Problem statement template
  • Product Statement Framing
  • Problem Definition tools

Part 4: Discovery Phase

  • User Research and Types
  • User Interview
  • User Interview Synthesis
  • User Empathy Mapping
  • User Persona
  • User Journey
  • Problem Pritoization

Part 5: Framing Phase

  • Solution Framing
  • Leap Of Faith Assumption
  • Lean MVP
  • Assumption Validation
  • Solution Pritoization

Part 6: Execute Phase

  • Product Metrics
  • Lean Experiments (Coming soon)
  • Outcome-based Roadmaps
  • Backlog Management
  • User Story
  • User Story Splitting

Part 7: Closing Thoughts (Coming soon)

  • Build and Iterate
  • Product Pitch
  • The Next Steps to Take

The Product Manager Template Kit contains six product manager document templates that are frequently used on the job:

  • Product Vision
  • User Personas Template
  • Empathy Mapping
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Product Opportunity Assessment Template
  • How Might We
  • Hypothesis Generation
  • Problem and Solution Pritoization 2x2
  • How Might We
  • User Interview Questions
  • User Interview Script

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is seriously considering a product management career and wants to understand what documents product managers use on the job.
  • Anyone beginning their career in tech or making a career change.
  • Anyone looking for a product management job at a tech company or startup.
  • A junior/associate product manager looking for structured documents to become a better product manager.

Over the next few months, we're going to continue refining and adding more templates to this kit. With this purchase, you'll get access to these templates and FREE ONE YEAR ACCESS to all newly added content going forward.

Can I share it with someone?

No, this is for personal use. If you feel someone else can benefit from this, direct them to this page or buy them a copy.

I can't afford it, is there a discount?

If you cannot afford it for some reason, reach out to me on Instagram(Product_mindset) and we will work something out.


While this playbook is an effort to help you get started, there is no success formula inside. Unless you put in the reps, there will be no results.

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